Wireless Router Reviews – Advice on Choosing Your Next Wireless Router

Wireless router has been packed? Are you fed up with endless reviews on wireless routers? Maybe you’ve upgraded to faster Internet access and are looking for an upgraded device to handle the must-have films, new tracks and all the other things. Relax , in this post I’m going to provide you with suggestions for finding the ideal piece of equipment at a reasonable cost Wireless site survey companies near me.

Did you know that the top wireless routers aren’t always the most expensive? I’ll reveal the fastest and most affordable method to get those lightning fast movie streaming speeds and speedier iPod downloads without trouble.

How do we get started? What exactly is a wireless router and why am I required to have it? The answer is simple. wireless routers enable users to connect to the Internet through internet connections such as your broadband Internet connection, as well as your (yours or your partner’s or flat-mates and so on) laptop, computer, Mac, iPod, PS3, Wii, iPad or any other device that you want to connect to.

In order to make it happen fast, easily and safely is what we aim for, but I’m certain you’ll not be able to trust anyone else to access your network or even impersonate you get your credit card information or personal information, or anything else you keep most precious on your PC, therefore it is imperative to ensure the latest security features are a must-have. The questions I’m not going to answer in this article are from a technical point of view like “how do I configure routers?” There are plenty of articles about the subject if you’re truly interested in to know more about it.

What’s the first stage? Good quality reviews from those who have been there are essential and should be accompanied by some tips to the most effective products and where to find these. It’s difficult to imagine an existence without wireless routers and networks in the present, but not that long ago, it was the thing of science fiction, and technology continues to advance rapidly but that doesn’t mean it’s simple to select the ideal one.

There are numerous types of routers on the market to meet different requirements – we’ll focus on the small or home office market. Like everything else in life, there’s the possibility of varying prices based on the requirements. It ranges is available from “get going quickly” to models that can backup your data and clean your vehicle… at an amount.

To stay ahead of the hype, we should first look at your use. Do you want to have a surf session in your living room or outside on the deck? Are you looking for a simple set up , or do you feel ready to dive into the water? Are you a fan of gaming or have an enterprise? Features like traffic prioritisation virtual servers, traffic priority or VPN support are more appealing however they may come with a higher cost (not necessarily! ).

The most basic rule of thumb can be that the greater number of features a router comes with, and the higher the cost it will cost to purchase. On the lower end, if you own older laptops that have possibly 802.11b or G wireless card (more than three years old, likely) you will likely require a simple router. E.g. Tenda Wireless N150 could be an option that is quick and simple with the b or g connection activated.

A tiny amount of technical information but don’t be concerned, it’s not difficult and could help you save some money! The older 802.11b as well as 802.11g devices operate on their 2.4GHz wireless bandwidth, while the newer 802.11n devices can utilize 2.4 or 5 Ghz bands. The latter band is more suitable for high-throughput networking , such as gaming and streaming of movies. This is the end of the technical information.

The basic laptop won’t benefit from a fancy new router but it can be able to use only a single band 2.43Ghz N router. It can be used backwards I’ll give you an easy method to configure it in a future article – similar to an Cisco E1000 may fill this space. If however, you own new laptop, looking at an option that supports both bands is the best option (don’t worry , the DLink DIIR-825 can handle all the work for you! ).

If you own the Mac, iPad etc though considering an Apple router might be a viable option.


The next time I’ll look at security as well as additional features you’ll need, and don’t need! As we’ve seen previously, it’s not difficult to set up using a wireless router. But how do we stop the bad guys who are trying to hack our credit cards, and even infect our computers? What can we do to stop these hackers? Would I want let my neighbor snoop around on my entire bandwidth? What happens if my credit card information is lost? How can I prevent it from happening?

It’s possible I’ve secured the wireless network of an acquaintance – and shortly after that his neighbour commented “looks that we need to connect to our own broadband immediately.” …”. A little bit of money can go far – and security shouldn’t be a problem if you follow these basic guidelines:

You must set the security password to your network. the router configuration on your device will require you to enter an account password. Make sure you input something you be able to remember. Always follow security advice for passwords – Google “good passwords” for more details.

Don’t connect your router the Internet until you’ve set the password!

If you are looking to establish access controls for your kids, ensure that you purchase a router that has access controls, for instance DLink DIR-825. Access controls may limit what websites users are able to view and when they are able to access the Internet (stopping eyes drooping teens from in bed all night playing Call of Duty!)

Guest access is an excellent feature for home or small business users . You are able to grant users access to your Internet (but not your personal files ) to your guests.

It is possible to reverse this If you don’t follow the basics of how to use wireless devices connected to the internet, e.g. regular updates to your antivirus software, staying up-to-date on security patch updates (e.g. for Windows computers that use Windows Update) as well as not making a note of the password you have on a piece of paper on your laptop!

In those timeless words – “Don’t Panic” but don’t shut your eyes, and you’ll be okay.


Are you looking to browse your backyard? Install iTunes inside the cooking area? Do you want to watch movies in the bath? Maybe you’d like to stream films in the bath?

What factors should you consider when choosing a router that will be able to meet these criteria? The router can only function in the way they emit their wireless signals. this can be a major problem in the event that you select model that has poor performance in this field (unless you reside in a tiny apartment naturally!). If your preferred place to surf (garden or potting shed) isn’t working due to the fact that you have slashed features, it could mean money goes down the to the.

Take range into consideration as an important feature if you’re surrounded by thick walls or a few floors that are between you and your preferred surfing location. The most important thing to consider are the router’s aerials (antennas for US readers) they have either an external (sticks sticking out from on the side of the trout) or internal. External generally is superior, however internal is more appealing and is getting better every day. For instance, the Sitecom WL-341 doesn’t have any external aerials, whereas the DLink DIR-655 has four.

Because you will not likely display the network on the table,, choose the router that offers the greatest performance, not based on appearance. What are the advantages of using a photo frame if you don’t have reliable internet access? If you’re in a smaller home with walls made of plasterboard, an internal antenna might suffice. The key point is to be aware of the return policy of your vendor when problems arise. Websites like Amazon and JohnLewis.com excel in this area. Are they really worth spending some money if they don’t offer a refund or an exchange?

External aerials that are that are mounted on walls may be utilized, they are expensive when compared with your router A better alternative could be to consider wireless devices connected to your home electrical internet (or the powerline network) e.g. Netgear the WGXB102 (many other similar brands are available) Simply connect the cable of your router to this and connect it to the wall. Then, plug another device to your desired location and voilà, you’ve got wireless connectivity.


Check out every wireless router review and you’ll see new features that claim they will help you look better and grow hair again – If you only invest that additional $30 ($50)! You believe that feature X or widget Y can actually make life easier, but what percentage of the time is that actually the case?

As I’ve mentioned before, you’ll see a variety of features included – the most important thing is knowing when to invest or when you should say “that gizmo looks really cool but I’ll use it once”

Do you really require the digital photo frame that is built in your router? It’s the one that’s between the printer and the couch? If you like getting a knot in your neck when you look at pictures of tiny Johhny perhaps…

What happens to fallback connectivity in the event that the DSL or cable fails? Do you think a slot in 3G for your USB 3G device help?

Think about what do I regularly do such as avid gamers can benefit from features like port forwarding that allows online gaming without the delay.

Built-in BitTorrent client for file sharing could be an excellent option to schedule your video downloads , and to avoid leaving your laptop unattended all at night

Control of access and VPN features can permit your employees to work from locations of customers, while on the move, or allow you to upload holiday pictures from Orlando and return to your home once the memory card is nearing capacity e.g. Billion BiPAC 7402GX.

Modern features like the capability for connecting external media your router could be a good option for you if you aren’t able keep all your music and downloaded films in one central place to stream them onto your PS3 within the family room or on your laptop in the garden , or even relaxing in your bath.

At the end of the day, it’s not an issue if you appreciate it and utilize it in a way that you are in control. For more information , look up wireless router reviews in a search on Google. Last word “Don’t Panic!”

Richard is a frequent fan of using wireless routers, as well as an active business owner. Richard is determined to ensure that the key selection and information about setting up is shared widely. Also, that everyone is having a blast and doesn’t even notice the wireless router, unless the power goes off!