What is Your Protection? How to Remove Your Protection

Your Protection is a new fake antispyware program, which is an update to previously published User Protection. The difference between the first program of the second very slightly. First, changed the name of the program and secondly, have been partially modified wildetimes.net the basic components of the program in order to protect them from detection by the legit antivirus and antispyware programs. Otherwise, everything remained as before.

Like other similar programs Your Protection delete PDF protection online uses trojans to spread itself. To penetrate a computer, these trojans exploit vulnerabilities in the programs already installed on your computer. This is basically Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat Reader (this is needed to view PDF files) and Adobe Flash Player (browser add-on that needed to watch online video). When a trojan is activated, it first does not manifest itself so that the user did not find the source Remove PDF protection of it on the computer. But after awhile, it starts to show a lot of false alerts and warnings that the computer is in danger and urgently needed to install and activate antivirus, this “antivirus” – Your Protection. Even if you ignore these warnings, what is right, this trojan secretly start the download core components of this fake antivirus program and then install it without your permission and knowledge.

During its first run, Your Protection scans your computer for an already installed antivirus and antispyware utilities, and if they are found, required to delete PDF protection online remove them under the pretext that they may conflict with it. That certainly is true, because an antivirus programs are designed to block the work of a variety of parasitic programs. Further, Your Protection creates an entry in “HKEY_CURRENT_USER | Software | Microsoft | Windows | CurrentVersion | Run” key of Windows registry, that allowing itself to run automatically every time you start Windows. When Your Protection is started, it begins to scan the computer, which resulted in a finding of a large number of trojans, viruses, worms, etc. These results, as well as self scanning, is nothing but a scam. In reality Your Protection cannot detect and remove malicious programs, as well as not be able to protect you from possible infections in the future. Thus, you can safely ignore all that this fake antivirus will show you.

For a more complete picture of what the how to delete pdf protection computer is infected with dangerous viruses, Your Protection will display a lot of fake alerts and pop-ups, who reported that the computer is infected and offering to buy or activate the full version of this fake antispyware program. Of course, all these reports and warnings are a fake and like false scan results should be ignored.

In addition, the trojan which installs Your Protection, can also download and install a variant of TDSS trojan. This trojan is very dangerous because it can block the work of most antivirus and antispyware applications, so that they will not even start. But it’s not all, TDSS trojan can also redirect you from sites that you want to visit on a completely other.

It is obvious that the presence of this program on your computer is not desirable, but also dangerous. This fake malware utility must be removed immediately after detection. To remove Your Protection and other computer parasites that could get on the computer with it, use the instructions below.

How to remove Your Protection

1. Download TDSS trojan remover (TDSSKiller.zip), unzip this file, open TDSSKiller folder and run TDSSKiller.exe, follow the prompts.
2. Reboot your computer.
3. Download Malwarebytes Anti-malware installer (mbam-setup.exe) and run it, follow the prompts.
4. MalwareBytes Anti-malware will automatically update itself after the install, once finished click to OK button and you will now be at the main menu.
5. Click Scan button to start scanning your computer.
6. When the scan is done, click OK, then click “Show Results” button.