Warning! The tailgate behavior

     Nowadays, many drivers are tailgating an autobus, big truck, or another vehicle in front of them, resulting in a traffic accident. There have been several incidents of accidents caused by ten-wheeled truck tailgating. The inappropriate conduct of big truck and bus drivers in Thailand, including rapid braking, frequent lane changes, horn blowing, and others, causes vehicle accidents on Thailand’s roads. I would want to warn you why tailgate the big truck and bus is highly dangerous as follows:

1.     Obscuring visibility

            It is the most crucial reason to avoid driving behind trucks. Because the truck is large, and we are not traveling behind it, it obscures the side vision. As a result, if you drive behind the truck, you will be unable to see anything in front of you, increasing the likelihood of a vehicle collision.

2.     Suddenly break

            Big trucks are commonly used to transport huge items. Trucks are naturally run slower than other vehicles. Especially if you’re following a big truck. The vehicle is extremely likely to break unexpectedly. If you follow the big truck too closely, you will be unable to break quickly, which will almost certainly result in a car crash.

3.     The high weight

            Trucks carrying big cargoes have a high weight, such as 2000 kg. And many truck drivers drive quite quickly. As a result, if you drive behind those vehicles, there is a danger that the big truck will overturn due to the heavyweight when turning or changing lanes. Items in the automobile will flip the truck upside down, inflicting serious injury and, in the worst-case scenario, death.

4.     Black smoke

Normally, black smoke is present in every automobile as a result of the exhaust. The larger the truck, the more black smoke it emits, making it difficult to see the road ahead, and there are several possibilities to crash with the big vehicle since it obscures view on the road.

5.     Obscuring the traffic sign

            If we trail a large truck, you will be unable to see the road ahead. The traffic signs are obscured as well. If the road ahead demands extreme caution, you may have a significant risk of being involved in an accident.

6.     Blind spot of truck driver

            Because the big truck is a large vehicle, the driver cannot view the vehicle from all angles. It can only be completely filled on the sides and in the front. The back half of the truck is at an angle that is exceedingly blind for the driver’s vision, thus it should not be driven behind the big truck.

To reduce automobile accidents on Thailand roads, all drivers should be vigilant, cautious at all times, and avoid tailgating the big truck. These are the top six reasons why tailgating the bus and big truck is extremely dangerous and high probability to occur in a car accident. Before driving, I highly recommend you purchase car insurance in Thailand of Rabbit Care since you can contact the surveyor to receive roadside assistance services all the time when you have a car accident. Moreover, if your car is damaged, the repair cost would be paid for you.