The English Bull Terrier

Tracing the starting place of religions returned to sun worship was an workout that left me rather astounded. The presence of the bull in a single shape or some other because the associate of the Mother God and, therefore, the Virgin Mary is unmistakable. It is prominently featured from the temple of Jupiter, over which Constantine built the Vatican, to the very best gods of India. The Trinity of Christianity became borrowed from the Hindu faith and Jesus Christ became modelled on Krishna, the 0.33 character of that body.

Massive cover-up and the great executive coaching indianapolis conspiracy implemented by means of the Romans after the emperor hooked up the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD is warned towards within the Old Testament:

“There is a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst thereof, like a roaring lion ravening the prey; they have devoured souls; they’ve taken the treasure and valuable matters; they have got made her many widows within the midst thereof.” Ezekiel 12:23

It isn’t any surprise that religious leaders avoid this phase of the bible. The ‘her’ stated is the Mother God of Babylon that has introduced tremendous darkness over the sector and it is ‘she’ that has constructed the darkish mountains that religions thrive on.

The passage states that they’re roaring lions ravening the prey and that means they’re predatory and cruel. They eat souls because they turn people off the proper God, the Great Spirit of the Universe. They scouse borrow the treasure thru their actions because they block out the direction to reality with the aid of their lies. They make widows thru the wars and violence they engage in.

The willpower to Mary is such that men have continually been organized to die for her. In the past they volunteered to be crucified so they could ‘marry’ Mary and be accountable for fertilising the earth. While this sounds a ways-fetched the evidence is overwhelming. It’s the motive why girls are discriminated in opposition to and compelled to wear head coverings to cover their presence so ‘she’ might not get jealous.

She is the motive for celibacy among non secular monks and for the pedophilia with the aid of such leaders who’re uncovered by tribunals and courts round the arena.

It is the darkish mountains of violence, overpopulation, corruption, drugs, wars, and terrorism which have come to the fore and still most may not get it regardless of the proof.

“Give glory to God earlier than God reason darkness, and earlier than your ft stumble upon the darkish mountains, and even as ye look for mild, God flip it into the shadow of dying, and make it gross darkness.” Jeremiah thirteen:sixteen