Relive The Past With Retro Shower Curtain

If you would really like to make curtains for your house but do not know one cease of a sewing gadget from every other then don’t worry – there is a way! A way in which you do not should even do as an awful lot as pick up a needle and thread. There are many reasons why you may like to make your own curtains. Maybe you’ve got seen a few outstanding cloth but it isn’t to be had in prepared made curtains. Maybe your windows are a non popular size and the value of custom curtains is an excessive amount of. Maybe you just feel like being innovative.

Whatever your reasons you may without problems make simple curtains in an afternoon after which embellish them in your hearts content with or without a sewing machine or having to sew them by using painstakingly by hand. As nicely as your fabric, you will want a steam iron and iron on double sided cloth tape which acts as a material glue holding seams collectively. You will want if you want to press the material using your iron so check that the fabric is suitable for this.

1. Measure and Cut

To create one curtain panel (for a curtains couple of curtains), measure your home windows and reduce a bit of cloth which is the width of the window plus four inches and the period (or drop) of your curtains plus about 10 inches. Remember to degree from where your curtain rod is constant whilst measuring the duration you require.

2. Neaten the sides

Fold within the facets of the curtains through one inch toward the incorrect aspect of the fabric and press after which fold in any other inch and press again. Make sure the seams are instantly then, following the instructions at the fabric tape, use this to restoration the seams smartly in location.

Three. Create the Casement Header

The seam at the top wishes to be an open channel so as to permit the curtain rod or pole to pass via without problems so this may depend on the size of your curtain rod. If the diameter of the curtain rod is one inch make a three inch channel. Do this by folding the top of the curtain beneath one inch and urgent the use of the fabric tape to restoration this neat aspect after which growing the 3 inch channel by folding in a similarly 3 inches on the wrong side of the curtain and fixing the fabric tape along the lowest fringe of the seam.

Four. Hang the Curtains

Hang the curtain on the rod and mark an appropriate level for the bottom of the curtains.

Five. Finish Off the Curtains

Trim the curtain if vital if there’s an excessive amount of fabric to create a neat hem alongside the bottom edge. Create the lowest seam via folding in a single inch to neaten the edge and solving this with the iron on fabric tape then fold inside the ultimate extra cloth and fix with the tape to create a curtain panel of the right period.

Note that while you are making a couple of curtains follow these steps for each curtain collectively so you healthy seam allowances and duration and so forth.