Make Copies of Video Games and Save the Original

I remember when I was little and I was first introduced to a computer. Later that year, Santa Clause brought me a CD with one hundred games. Simple games with bad graphics, but oh how much I loved them. From brick breaker to ace shooter, and from bowling to pool, that CD seemed to have it all. Until the day my CD-ROM would not open anymore. MSX2 ROMs How terrified I was when I had to unscrew the CD-ROM and try to pull it out manually. Unfortunately I succeeded in breaking it into two pieces.

I was young then but I still remember how much that episode hurt. The computer lost meaning for me without those games. What was the point of turning on the computer when I couldn’t play Pac Man or shoot down space invaders? I did not remember the name of the CD and since I still don’t have close relations with Santa Clause, the chances of ever tracking it down are very dim.

The morale of the story is that this personal nightmare maybe could not have been avoided. The CD-ROM got stuck and maybe that was meant to happen. Maybe there was no way the CD would have come out ‘alive’. But one thing could have changed the whole aftermath, another CD. A copy of the original, so that even though the first one broke, I still had the back up. Since then I grew up and also got smarter. I make copies of all my favorite games and I play them, while keeping the original safe, just in case something goes wrong.