Maintenance points of stamping continuous mold

Feihe Labor Insurance reminds stamping continuous molds in the process of use, it is necessary to maintain the maintenance of work, more need to be carefully patiently conducting maintenance, so that the safety and usability of stamping continuous molds can be guaranteed. Here is to provide further materials and stamping continuous molds, China Standards Network provides you with the maintenance points of stamping continuous mold maintenance.

1, maintenance of the convex and calm

When the convex and recessed mode should be paid to the original condition in which the mold is easily restored, there is a pad or shift It is necessary to carry the thickness of the gasket and record it. Replacing the punch to try if the dessert is smooth, and if it is tried to uniform with the grid gap, the replacement of the recess is also tried to be uniform. The rear laump module shortage of grinding tamping needs to be increased to the length of the need to be increased to be sufficient. Replacement has been disconnected to identify the cause, and it is necessary to check if the corresponding concave mold has a strapping, whether it is necessary to grind the blade. Assembling the tabs to check if the gap between the punch and the fixed block or the fixed plate is sufficient, and there is a pressure block to check whether there is an activity margin. The assembled concave mode should be placed horizontally, and then the flat iron block is placed on the concave mold surface to tapping it with a copper rod, and it is not obliquely tapping, and the bottom portion is chamfered. After installing, check if the concave die is flattened with the die. After the convex die and the core are assembled, it is necessary to check whether the tape is needed, whether the parts are loaded or contrary, check whether the concave mode and the concave pad block are reversed, whether the falling hole is blocked, whether the new part needs Stolen, it is enough to stolen, and the mold needs to lock whether the lock is locked. Note that the locking confirmation of the deprinted plate screw is confirmed. When the lock is kept, the balance is interspersed, and it is not necessary to lock the other screw and lock the other screw to avoid the tilt of the deprinted plate. The mold accuracy is lowered.

2, the maintenance of the deprises Removal of the deprised plate can be balanced with two starters, and the force is taken out with both hands balance. When dismantling difficulties, it should be checked whether the mold is cleaned, and the locking screw is completely disassembled, whether it should be damaged by the mold, identify the cause, and do not blindly dispose. When assembling the debride plate, clean the tamping and deprinted plates, add lubricating oil at the guide post and convex mode, put it smoothly, and press the hands and press it, and repeated several times. If it is too tightable to identify the cause (whether the guide post and guide guide are normal, whether there is damage in the part, whether the new shoe-converting mold can be smoothly removed from the precision stamping release plate position correctly). The fixed plate has a blocking to check whether the release backplane is sufficient. The material contact surface of the deprises and the concave mode, a long-term stamping generates indentation, when the indentation is severe, can affect the compression accuracy of the material, resulting in an abnormal product size and unstable product, etc. Carry back or re-grind. Wide high sleeve should be accurately inspected, and he will lead to the tilt of the deprinted plate when he is highly high. Its precision orientation will be destroyed.Maintain.

3, the guide site checks

, the guide sleeve is mixed with the gap, whether there is burn or wear traces, whether the mold orientation is normal, should be checked. The worn and accuracy of the guide member makes the precision of the mold, and the various parts of the mold will have problems, and must be properly maintained and regular replacement. Check the accuracy of the material, if the nail is worn, and it has lost the positive precision and function of the items that should be positive, and it must be replaced. Check the condition of the density spring and the top material spring, see if it is broken or used although it is not broken, but it has been fatigued to lose its original strength, and the regular maintenance replacement must be made, otherwise it will cause damage or production of the mold.

4, the adjustment of the mold clearance The core positioning hole is worn with a combination of frequent multiple times of the core, causing the gap after assembly (loose after assembly) or gap Both (generating positioning deviation), which causes the cross-sectional shape of the punctal, and the convex mode is easy to break, generate burrs, etc., can be adjusted for appropriate gaps through the cross-sectional condition of the punch. When the gap is small, the cross section is small, the clearance is large, the cross section is large, and the wool is large, and the reasonable gap is obtained. After adjusting, it should be appropriately recorded, or may be marked in the concave die. Subsequent maintenance work. Daily production should pay attention to the material belt when collecting the preferred state of the original mold. If the subsequent production is not smooth or the mold is mutated, it can be used as a reference inspection. In addition, the auxiliary system such as whether the top material pin is worn, whether it can be used, the guide nail and the bushing have worn, and should pay attention to check and maintain.