Heat thermal electric heater as a heating constant temperature control temperature

The heat transfer oil electric heater is used as a heating, constant temperature, electric heater temperature control equipment, suitable for modern production of temperature control equipment requirements. It is widely used in: reactor clamping heat-conducting oil heating temperature control, translator roller oil heating constant temperature, heat-fixing roller heat transfer oil temperature, rolling machine roller oil heating, hot press mold oil heater, electric heating Machine laminate heat transfer oil temperature, vulcanizing machine template oil heating machine, vulcanized flat panel conductive oil boiler, laminate mold oil small space heater circulation heating machine, electric heater drying oven high temperature oil circulation temperature control equipment, rubber hydraulic oil circulation heating, etc. The heat transfer oil electrical heater is controlled by imported microelectronics or PLC, and the process parameters in the production process are detected and controlled. A sharp reduction of the adverseity of the forming product, ensuring product quality. Pump power according to customer needs, oil temperature machine The manufacturer uses Taiwan New Series high-temperature pump, smooth operation, low heat transfer effect, low noise, no leakage. The unique heating design of pipe explosion-proof device, temperature self-control, fast reach the temperature requirements of various products, lift cooling Fast speed, uniform temperature, oil temperature machine manufacturer controls temperature precision ± 1 ° C, save more than 30%, RS485 communication function, automated management, set value, and actual value display.