English Job Interviews and Why Searching for a Job Is Not Just Writing an English Resume

An English job interview, and searching for a new position in English can be a daunting task for non-native speakers. It can also be a daunting task for native speakers. One thing you should remember is that searching for a job is not only writing an urgent work Chernivtsi English resume. It is a process that takes into consideration many things that starts with understanding your skills and personality traits and ends with the final job interview. This is why we will be discussing what I think is a good approach to the whole English job interview and job search process.

My English Job interview and job search method is to take the whole approach when searching for a job. The whole approach is that all the pieces work and fit together to bring you to the final positive result, a new job. Do not break it into separate segments such as write resume, write cover email, prepare for job interview, etc. All the different parts are all linked together and intertwined and the process can be done in such a way that they work together towards that positive result. The research and work you do to put together your resume can be used in the cover letter and in answering interview questions. Also, when you are preparing for and doing your resume you should be thinking about how this information would fit in to your cover letter or in to an answer to an interview question. At the same time you should think about what you need to change or add to this information to make it useful later on in the process. The information from this stage and the following stages will help you show and prove skills and personality traits in your cover letter and in answers to job interview questions in your next English job interview.

The information you gather will be used for show and prove. Show and prove is not a new concept. Various interview writers have mentioned it before. It is about being able to tell people where or how you acquired your skills (prove) or to have a story or example to show you using your skills and exhibiting personality traits (show). Proving you have the skills entails saying where you acquired them. Did you learn them through courses, or did you acquire them by using or learning them at work. Showing you have the necessary skills and personality traits is done by having stories or examples about you accomplishing something, and this will show the reader or your interviewers you using some key skills. It will also show some of your personality traits. The main thing to remember is that the skills and traits you show should be some of the key skills and traits that the company is looking for in the person that will fill the position.

Your preparation for your next job interview or career move should start with your resume. This is where you gather information and translate it into English. You should look at the duties you performed in your previous jobs and in outside activities and determine what skills you used to perform these duties. This will help you in learning where you acquired your skills. You will have acquired skills through learning them (education) or by using them (jobs, volunteering in organizations, etc.). So, by looking at your duties you can decide what skills you have and where you learned or acquired them. This is the prove part of show and prove where you prove you have the skills by stating where or how you learned or acquired them.

While you have been reviewing your duties and determining the skills that you used or developed you should also think about your accomplishments at work and outside of work. These accomplishments can include, but are not limited to: work on a project; solving a customer’s problem; solving a company problem; organizing an event; changing a work process or the way something was done; coming up with product or process improvements; acquiring new business; and, developing a plan. There are more things that may be considered as an accomplishment, but the above are some of the main ones. The places that you may have accomplished something include not only work, but also clubs, activities at school, and volunteer work.

When you are considering an accomplishment you should think about the skills YOU used to make it happen, as well as some personality traits that you exhibited at that time. Now, you need to make this into a story or an example by saying what the accomplishment was and then focusing mostly on what you did. By doing this, the story will show you using some main skills and exhibiting some key traits to come to a successful conclusion. Write the stories using one or two paragraphs and show yourself using two or more of the key skills and exhibiting at least one of the personality traits. This is the show part of show and prove where you show yourself using the key skills and show some of your personality traits.

We have finished discussing the information and resume writing parts of the process, so next we will discuss the cover letter/email. This is what you write in your email when you send in your resume to apply for the advertised position. The cover email gets their attention. In the cover email you will show and prove that you have many of the key skills and traits they require for the vacant position. A key skill may be develop customer relationships and not able to use a computer, so make sure you are including mostly the key skills in your cover email. The cover email will help to get you an interview. Remember to include a story or two in your cover email. The stories that you include will be a shortened version of the one or two paragraph stories mentioned earlier.