Dating and Relationships: Body Language

Our eyes can be the window to our souls, it’s been said often. If this is true and you are in a relationship with a woman, there are three ways you can read her thoughts and feelings and find out if she is flirting.

  1. Pay attention to her eyes. Are her pupils dilation?

Dilated pupils indicate that she is positive about you and that she is interested in you. If you aren’t sure what a dilapid pupil looks like, you can describe it by the fact that the black central part of the eye is large and the surrounding color of your iris is barely visible.

Contrarily, if she feels negative about you or is on guard over something you said, her pupils may contract (get smaller).

It is impossible to control the pupil’s dilation and contraction. It is impossible to willfully alter the size of pupils.trial separation boundaries

  1. Take a look at her eyes, and think about the lighting conditions around you when you approach her.

You might be able see her pupils dilate if you look closely enough. However, light levels can change and so does the pupils’ pupils.

The pupils naturally contract when they are in brightly lit rooms or outside in the sun. Low light environments can also cause dilation of the pupils.

Before assigning a positive gesture or negative gesture to a woman’s temperament, or emotional state, take into account the light and the moment.

  1. Take a look at her eyes to see if she is looking up.

This body-eye gesture seems to be more common in women. This involves lowering your head towards the neck and then looking upwards at yourself.

This expression is more childlike and conveys an innocent, playful look.

She is telling you she wants you to take good care of her by looking at you in that way. She wants you to see her gestures and feel as if she can’t resist you.

It’s a sign that you care about a woman’s eyes, and you make intentional eye contact with them.

Psychological tests have shown that avoiding eye contact with someone is a sign of avoidance and can block future advances.

You will notice that your eyes are more open to her than you think. She will see that you are romantic, that you love being with you, and that you have her full attention.

However, one caution is that if she feels pressured or insecure and you make it your “job”, to make eye contact with you constantly, it could make her feel uncomfortable.

You can gradually increase your eye contact with her, but you should start slowly. This will leave a lasting impression.

There are many ways to approach dating and relationships, depending on whether you’re trying to start a relationship or energize it.