Classic Christmas Picture Book – The Christ Child by Maud and Miska Petersham

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Everything the general public take without any consideration has roots inside the non secular past and none more so than Christmas. It is a combination of the ‘Christ-Mass’ which became introduced through the Catholic Church after Constantine mounted it in 325 AD. He invented Jesus Christ based totally on preceding avatars, along with Chrishna (Krishna), the Christ of the Vedic Trinity of India. He additionally reinstated Mary, the Mother God of Babylon, because the Mother of God and that is an oxymoron.

God cannot have a mother because it’s miles the Great Universal Power on top of things of all things, such as how and why religion got here into being. It has no sex due to the fact it’s far Spirit and, therefore, it in no way fathered a child. One can effortlessly feel its energy within and people who obey the voice, which a few call moral sense, are led and guided all through their lives.

My reincarnation proves that heaven and hell the mystical teachings of jesus are spiritual myths designed to fool simply as do fairs like Christmas. They lure human beings right into a device of make-consider and fraud and numb the mind to assume beyond a laugh and pleasure. But what’s fulfilling about the hours of purchasing, cooking, cleansing, and so forth that is going on earlier than the few hours of fun show up? What is amusing approximately the debt many incur as they spend a small fortune on items within the wish of desirable others?

Mary is the name given to the sun-star that looks when the rays pass through an aperture or small hollow and shape into the rainbow colored perpetually moving earrings of light. They pulse as they spin and the sight is great. This is what the ancients known as their god and it turned into lady.

A metropolis was named after her and the remnants are 11 km northwest of Abu Kabul in Syria. It changed into constructed by the Amors who also constructed Roma, the reverse of that is Amor. They took Mary with them into all of the corners of the world through the faith that Constantine installed. He built the Vatican and the parliament that helped him rule the Empire.

It is the latter that has modified vintage festivals into new ones by using giving them a distinctive call. Mary and her Christ Mass have become Merry Christmas. It is based on a lie and the person who elevated Mary to her current fame and he is listed in Revelation thirteen:18 as 666. He ruled by using violence and anybody who did now not worship the image he placed up was tortured and murdered.

“And (he) deceived them that reside on the earth by means of the manner of these miracles which he had power to do inside the sight of the beast: saying to them that live on earth that they must make an picture to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did stay.” Revelation thirteen:14

God made folks that aren’t of the Spirit deaf and blind in order that they can not hear or see truth. That method they sink into the quagmire of festivities like the Christ Mass and could by no means realize the fact.

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